Who is Christopher Troy

christopher troy

“I’ve never had any desire in becoming a writer, no lifelong passion to write that finds its origin in a hated childhood or in a love for words. I stumbled upon it the same way a scientist stumbles upon a cure, unwittingly while on the search for something else. It started off being deeply personal and all mine, but the more I explore, the deeper I go inside, the more I become everyone.”

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1978 to a working class family in an immigrant neighborhood on the city’s north side, Christopher Troy left for Paris in 1996 to study philosophy and political science at the Sorbonne. He spent the next nine years living there, where he was introduced to the arts and Paris’ infamous nightlife. He returned to America after his studies and began a successful decade-long career in politics, until deciding to walk away from it and become a writer. “I’d rather have people applaud me for my lies than be appalled by them,” he said to a friend on the day he left Washington, D.C. He is currently living in Greece and working on his first novel.

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