Hurt People

Poems & Quotes / Sunday, November 5th, 2017

hurt people hurt people

We read according to who we are. This very short poem is an exercise in that belief. Two words repeated without punctuation. No help. No guidance from the poet. The reader is left to fend for herself, to feel for himself. I am here simply here to prompt you, to coax you, to stir that which is already in your hearts. I do not seek to take you on a journey with these words… but to show you where life has already brought you. Two words, repeated. Four syllables. Twenty letters. One language. The rest is left to you.



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5 thoughts on “Hurt People

      1. It does, but when the bait “seems too good to be true”. and it seems to be the easiest best choice it is unfair for the victim. Just like fishing, or hunting.

        Also with the hurt people, part of it is that is all they know. They only know to hurt people, but to their defense they believe that they are not hurting people. It is normal. That is why I say “normal is a setting on a dryer”.
        My normal, molested by male babysitter, having sexual relation with his younger brother, my friend until we were in high school was normal.
        Only later did I learn that it was not “normal”
        I did break that “hurt people hurt people” cycle. The only one I abused was myself. I have been dealing with various addictions to deal with it for 40 years.
        I am finding that writing here is really helping.
        I know that this is a long response to a short reply….

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