On Writing Hungry

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I like to taste my words, so I tend to write on an empty stomach.
Not to the point of being famished because then I’ll eat the first word I conjure. But just hungry enough where the right word will ignite my salivary glands; and the wrong word will have me spitting it up like poison.

Few things are more divine than satiating my hunger
with a feast of perfectly prepared words:

Thickly cut nouns dressed with barely steamed adjectives
and held together by a savory verb reduction
that if done right will not require any salty adverbs.

What are your writing rituals and habits?
Criticism is an act of love. Share your thoughts with me below.

2 thoughts on “On Writing Hungry

  1. What’s an example of a barely steamed adjective? Now I have to know . . . (For some reason I’m imagining asparagus.)

    1. I had Brussels sprouts in mind, layer upon layer of leafy goodness. But I can see why asparagus captured your imagination. The added bonus of asparagus is you’re reminded of its potency upon bodily release.

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