On Time and Travel

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You can never truly experience a place until you have left it and moved on to another place – a new place. You need this distance to help you understand what you’ve lived, and perhaps learned. You need the distance of time to help you forget, to allow those moments to settle in you, to rub off their dizzying shine. The old is always hiding in the new. I find it as easily in a morning rush as in a twilight hush; in the things its people say and in the way they say them and why they say them, and in the things they don’t say… maybe because they don’t see them, but now I do because the old place has showed them to me. They are no longer secrets, and never were. But now they are treasures to be found and shared, or not. That is something you will have to decide once you’ve left and arrived somewhere new.

– Christopher Troy


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