Letters: Does Anyone Still Write Them?

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I enjoy writing letters, almost as much as I enjoy receiving them.

I start on plain white sheets of unruled paper, or on hotel stationary from a hotel worthy of receiving a letter from. (I often write letters when traveling.) I always date my letters because I want the person to know the day I sat down and composed a letter in their name. This way it becomes a mediation, a sort of personal holiday that we share and can celebrate—at least that’s how I see it.
I use my favorite pen. These days my favorite pen is a fountain pen my wife bought me before she became my wife. Nothing too fancy, but certainly beautiful in its design. I only write in blue ink. I’m not sure why.

I always start with the most simple of salutations, no matter how heavy the message is to follow.

I wonder, do any of you still write letters?

9 thoughts on “Letters: Does Anyone Still Write Them?

  1. That is a beautiful photo used in this post. It depicts the moment perfectly. I love writing letters, but don’t do it often enough. It’s a real treat to receive one in return. Can completely relate to the hotel stationary and the mystery behind blue ink. Well done.

    1. The best photographs are the ones you don’t know are being taken. The best letters are the ones written from the heart by hand, or the ones you receive that you remember by heart and keep close at hand. I’m glad you also understand the magic of blue ink. I feel like blue ink can’t lie as easily. As for hotels, I just wish some of them didn’t go so cheap, and that a correlation between price point per room and quality of paper existed. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  2. I do enjoy writing letters. Me and my husband have a journal where we write back and forth to each other. Unfortunately he isn’t the writing type so it’s not used often. Makes me sad writing is such a beautiful thing.

    1. I’m sure if you keep writing to your husband, he’ll follow your example and write back. Men tend to be slower than women in realizing things. Also, I like the idea of a “letter journal.”

  3. I do not write as often as I would like, for I have nobody to send them to who would respond in kind. . . .

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  6. I’m happy you do this. It’s one of my favorite things to do! I love the blank, crisp page of Italian stationary, and this year learned to pour wax seals on the envelope. Blue ink is lovely, but I tend to write my letters in blue or purple ink. 💖

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