An Afternoon in Athens

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I am in Europe now. Athens is my first city. The new begins with the old…

Allow your tongue to trip over the words, be conscious of the fall not the self. Allow the tongue to learn by error, repeated and then perfected with time. Words are meant to fall furiously, not cautiously, from your lips if they are to mean anything at all.

Inspiration comes in many forms. The best are often the most simple. Today it comes from looking out of a window on to a sidewalk of an ancient city on its knees. Broken but not ruined. The blazing Greek sun still shines. Tomorrow will come but not before today.

Why do you persist when giving up is so much easier?

2 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Athens

  1. This part: The blazing Greek sun still shines.
    It begins with the place of articulation being in the frontal part of your mouth and then moves to the back for a bit and then to the front, and it stays frontal in the next sentence: Tomorrow will come but not before today.
    With the weaker effect of alliteration it’s kind of pleasing, maybe only to me personally.
    Thanks for liking my blog post at the Legend of the Eight Samurai Hounds!

    1. It’s when a reader takes the time to explore and discover that writing becomes worthwhile.

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