Fiction & Short Stories / Friday, October 13th, 2017

“How can you love someone you’ve never met?” she asked.

“The same way you can love God” he answered, “by suspending reason and hanging from every word with belief in their promise.”

Criticism is an act of love. Share your thoughts with me below.

9 thoughts on “Unseen

          1. Yes it did. I thought he was on the same wavelength as me. In thoughts yes. Reality was that he was 16 years older. A quiet old man that was happy with his life situation. We did spend the afternoon together and in the end he was just a man. I would have been frustrated with him being quiet and a homebody.

  1. The complications were we lived on different continents, in different hemispheres. We were both married. He was of royal blood, I’m a commoner. I’m glad we met. If only to know that that person existed . That was my once in a lifetime.

  2. Gosh, wonderful and wise words. I believe love to be a very complicated thing that we all experience very differently. I tend to trust my instincts in life, and so I believe when you know, you know! Lovely post.

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