The Veil

Fiction & Short Stories / Sunday, June 4th, 2017

He slipped into the restaurant knowing she would be there. It had been years since the last time, and it would be another few minutes before she would notice him sitting there, alone at his table, grayer at the temples, heavier and broader, but with the same boyish eyes. She hadn’t changed at all in his eyes, impervious to the effects of time, an illusion of course. Then she saw him, the veil of ignorance pulled back suddenly and with no warning. A waterfall of emotions cascaded over her, each one vying for control of the expression in her eyes. He watched the fierce battle for them unfold. His were frozen by fear. She looked away and he knew that the push of the past was no match for the pull of the present. His eyes melted with regret.


The Veil | Christopher Troy ©

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4 thoughts on “The Veil

  1. Lovely piece. Sometimes the one that loved too much is also the one that bit the hardest .

  2. I really loved this. Very poetic prose and I felt like I knew these characters in a short space of time. I wanted to know their history and what’s to come..

    1. I try to use the spaces between the words as much as the words themselves to create a moment in time and in the reader’s mind. I rely heavily on your imagination to make that happen. So, thank you for making my task easier. Please keep reading and commenting. I’ll look forward to it.

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