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[character sketch #2]

Oliver’s view of women was shaped early in life by his mother’s untimely but intended departure and the equally weak women left to raise him in her stead. Although he was endlessly fascinated by the opposite sex, in particular by their delicate form, he could not help but secretly resent them for taking his seat on trains, his jacket at the first hint of chill on an autumn night’s stroll, and eventually his freedom following a forced promise to love them forevera concept of time he considered oppressive and a feeling he had no faith in. He often wondered if he’d be more of a willing participant in affairs of the heart had he been raised by his own kind.

You see, he knew too many of their secrets to trust them.


Oliver | Christopher Troy ©

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5 thoughts on “Oliver

  1. Oliver began to understand and enter the world of “bitch woman”

      1. Yes, in a sense, he is a self centered asshole (but are we not all in some sense?) On the other hand, that is what he was taught at a young age. Perhaps, his perception will change when he further pursues the “opposite sex” and has an experience(s).

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