Hide and Seek

Fiction & Short Stories / Sunday, May 28th, 2017

He ate only when he was hungry, and never alone. Hunting emptied his belly and so he would eat to fill it once again. And when he was full, his happiness would return and instead of dessert he would finish his meal with a long nap. Sometimes he would look for her before going to sleep, but she would disappear from the kitchen table unnoticed long before his last bite. Despite his long efforts searching the house, she was hard to find.

Her emptiness was of a different kind, and more difficult to fill. She could no more fill it with food and drink than one can fill an entire living-room with only memories of the departed. No matter how much she ate or drank, with him or alone, she was often left wanting more. She slept little afterwards and not very well, and at times not at all kept up by the sounds of his happiness that she could hear from the other room when he would mumble her name while patting her side of the bed. With a smile on her face, she would return to their bed from the other room and find great pleasure in the simple act of bringing him to a growl with her icy feet.

Hide and Seek | Christopher Troy ©

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