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My entry for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, hosted by Linda G. Hill. The prompt is “shortcut/cut short.”

A short cut cut short a long time ago when men thought little and answered much in hot grunts and women thought long and cold on how to smile at that when strength was measured in numbers and the numbers never added up because those who kept count had lost their minds their abacuses silenced no clicks no clacks their hunger erased by long cuts of marinated meat too bold to bare but who are we to care or judge those whose feet are bare and souls unworn. Their lives cut short by their short cuts.

The Stream of Conscious Saturday prompt is a weekly challenge for anyone who enjoys writing or rambling. A new prompt is posted every Friday. To read the full rules of the challenge, click here.


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    1. When you read you see the words but also hear them, I feel. And, it seems, so do you.

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