On Fearing the Dark


Why is it the dark we fear most?

If inner peace is what we seek is it not in the calm of night where we would find it?

Does not the light of day distract and agitate our eyes and hearts with what it uncovers?

Is it not in the warm darkness of our mother’s womb where we found ourselves silent and safe; and not until our extraction that we yelped our first cries?

Does not staring at the sun rob us of our sight; while howling at the moon  crescent, full or new awaken our souls?

Are not our wildest dreams realized every night when we close our eyes and shun the harsh light of the day?

Is not our embrace warmest next to our lover under the covers of night?

We are told that the sun gives us life, but is it not in the dark we ponder life most deeply?

Could it be that it is not the dark we fear at all, but what we hide in it?


– Christopher Troy


Criticism is an act of love. Share your thoughts with me below.

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